Complications and Revision of Breast Implant Surgery

It is a must to take breast implants surgery revision when complication arose after the initial surgery. In this kind of scenario, breast implant revision surgery will take place immediately to avoid risking patient’s life. That is why it is a must to know the risks involved with breast augmentation and the possible complication before undergoing to a surgery. The most common complication that results from breast augmentation is the capsular contracture. This happens when tissues form around the breast implants that cause stiffness. This happens usually in the initial months following the surgery. If this happens, doctor will first advise her patient to do massaging techniques and medications before proceeding to surgery revision. Another complication is the rippling, it usually happens when a bump or ridge on the new breast occurs. Certain breast implants are more apt to rippling than any others. Raptured implant can occur in both silicone and saline materials and this requires immediate breast implant revision. Find a well experienced surgeon that offers breast augmentation and discuss the revision surgery. Breast implants are only optimal for finite period that is why many women return for revisions. Another factor for revision is aging which leads women to seek revisions.

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Breast Augmentation Surgery

Many women wanted to change their physical appearance and that includes resizing breasts. Breast augmentation is a very popular procedure among different races of women today. Cosmetic surgeons have been perfecting and at the same time performing breast augmentation surgery for many years. There are several ways in which breast augmentation procedure can happen. Today patients have different choices and they can actually decide on what to have. During the examination of your physical anatomy, you and your doctor will find the right procedure to minimize scarring and at the same time achieve the specified desired results by you. Make sure to ask your plastic surgeon on what are the available options beforehand. Breast implant and breast augmentation usually takes about 1-2 hours. Most of the patients undergo local anesthesia and some others go for general anesthesia but that depends on your doctor and procedure. Remember that there are different possible breast augmentation incisions and at the same time there are different locations to place the breast implant and breast augmentation. Think well and think what is right for you and your needs. A lot of options you can take and a lot of possible information you can have. Just make sure to get the right and well known cosmetic surgeon.

Breast Augmentation Surgery

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Incisions for Breast Augmentation
Just like other procedures, breast augmentation also needs incisions. The operation usually takes about 1 – 2 hours. There are actually two kinds of anesthesia used during the operation but your cosmetic surgeon will decide on that matter. You could either go for local anesthesia or general anesthesia. There are four types of incisions in breast augmentation surgery.

1. Inframammary augmentation
The incision in inframammary augmentation is made on the lower portion of your breast and slightly above in the place where breast and chest meet.

2. Periareolar Augmentation
The incision in this kind of procedure is made around the areola or the darker area around the nipple.

3. Transaxillary or Axillary Augmentation
The incision in this kind of procedure is made through the armpit or in the axilla.

4. Transumbilical
The incision in this kind of procedure is made in belly button.
Those are four types of incisions made during the operation. Surgeons make small incisions that create small pockets from bodily tissue and these pockets hold the breast implants. Each incision can be modified depending on your needs and what the doctor thinks that is appropriate for you. Your cosmetic surgeon will examine your human anatomy to know the right incisions that will fit you. Just make sure to tell your surgeon what you really wanted.

Incisions for Breast Augmentation