Incisions for Breast Augmentation

Before/After Photos - Breast Augmentation In Thailand by Dr.Tanongsak

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Before/After Photos - Breast Augmentation In... by asiacosmeticthailand

Incisions for Breast Augmentation
Just like other procedures, breast augmentation also needs incisions. The operation usually takes about 1 – 2 hours. There are actually two kinds of anesthesia used during the operation but your cosmetic surgeon will decide on that matter. You could either go for local anesthesia or general anesthesia. There are four types of incisions in breast augmentation surgery.

1. Inframammary augmentation
The incision in inframammary augmentation is made on the lower portion of your breast and slightly above in the place where breast and chest meet.

2. Periareolar Augmentation
The incision in this kind of procedure is made around the areola or the darker area around the nipple.

3. Transaxillary or Axillary Augmentation
The incision in this kind of procedure is made through the armpit or in the axilla.

4. Transumbilical
The incision in this kind of procedure is made in belly button.
Those are four types of incisions made during the operation. Surgeons make small incisions that create small pockets from bodily tissue and these pockets hold the breast implants. Each incision can be modified depending on your needs and what the doctor thinks that is appropriate for you. Your cosmetic surgeon will examine your human anatomy to know the right incisions that will fit you. Just make sure to tell your surgeon what you really wanted.

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